While the genre of live electronic is relatively new on the music circuit, nobody is breaking the boundaries of live production and improvisation like EOTO.

Consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann the duo mixes the organic sounds of live drums, bass and guitar through a variety of programs and gadgets to create a style of music that is more likely found in a dance club, then a live music theater. What sets EOTO apart from other artists in this emerging genre is how the music is created. While some artists may spend hours pre-mixing samples and elements of music for their live show, EOTO uses nothing pre-recorded, giving them the ability to approach each song with on-the-spot spontaneity and 100% live improvisation.

Michael Travis – electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards, samplers & mini-kit
Jason Hann – drums, percussion

Fire the Lazers (2009)

This eleven-track journey into dubstep, electro and house music showcases their talents and skill in a growing dimension of music. In true EOTO spirit the album was produced with nothing planned or rehearsed, capturing only the best of what makes up their original sound.

Razed (2008)

Recorded in Michael Travis’ house in just three days, Razed is the second of three studio albums released by EOTO.