Railroad Earth’s music is driven by the remarkable songs of front-man, Todd Sheaffer, and is delivered with seamless arrangements and superb musicianship courtesy of all six band members.

They can jam with the best of them, but they’re not a jam band.  They’re bluegrass influenced, but they use drums and amplifiers (somewhat taboo in the bluegrass world).  RRE bristles about being lumped into any one “scene.” Not out of animosity for any other artists: it’s just that they don’t find the labels very useful.

What kind of music is it then?  Mandolin/vocalist John Skehan offers this semi-descriptive term: “I always describe it as a string band, but an amplified string band with drums.”  Tim Carbone takes a swing: “We’re a Country & Eastern band!”  Or, as a great drummer/singer/mandolin player with an appreciation for Americana once said: “Rock & roll!”

Todd Sheaffer – guitar, vocals
Tim Carbone – violin, vocals
Andy Goessling – guitars, banjo, dobro, mandolin, flute, tinwhistle, vocals
Johnny Grubb – bass, vocals
John Skehan – mandolin, vocals
Carey Harmon – drums, vocals

Amen Corner (2008)

Railroad Earth’s new studio release, Amen Corner, is an early creative pinnacle of a gifted young band, and an album that is an instant Americana classic. Amen Corner is a collection of crisp and crafted roots, bluegrass, and acoustic sides that resonates in all the right places.

iTunes version includes the exclusive bonus track, “Sanding On the Corner”.

Elko (2006)

Recorded during their 2005 spring tour, this double disc set reveals all these timeless qualities while preserving the unpredictable nature that is at the very core of a Railroad Earth concert.