Tea Leaf Green, a band of youthful gypsies with an abundance of both rock & soul. You can feel it in their hair-raising live performances and you can hear it in the headlong rush of their latest release.

For the past 5 years, Tea Leaf Green has toured North America becoming one of the most exciting and fastest growing rock bands today. Busting out of a revitalized San Francisco music scene, the group has honed their strength as both songwriters and improvisers to catapult to the next level, keeping audiences screaming for more.

Honoring a long lineage of rock bands that have come before them, Tea Leaf Green pays tribute to the past while carving a distinct name for themselves today. It’s refreshing to have something to look forward to…

Ben Chambers – Bass, Vocals
Josh Clark – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Trevor Garrod – Keyboards, Rhodes Piano,Harmonica, Vocals
Scott Rager – Drums, Percussion

Rock ‘n’ Roll Band (CD & DVD) (2006)

Live CD and performance DVD (sold separately) documenting an epic night of music.  Both were recorded at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on May 19, 2006.

Part concert film, part documentary, Rock ‘n’ Roll Band balances blazing live performances with private moments of artful reflection and presents the magic that is Tea Leaf Green for all to enjoy. Just one viewing will be enough to assure you that rock ‘n’ roll never died.