When The Greyboy Allstars first formed almost 15 years ago, some of the West Coast’s visionary young musicians came together to realize the unique artistic vision of rare groove luminary DJ Greyboy: an original sound reminiscent of `70s soundtrack music. What Happened to Television?, the group’s first studio album in nearly a decade, finds them reunited with DJ Greyboy, whose role as producer marks his first collaboration with the band since their seminal 1995 breakthrough, West Coast Boogaloo.

What Happened to Television? (2007)

What Happened to Television? (April 17, 2007) features all of The Greyboy Allstars’ original members, who have launched highly successful, substantially diverse solo careers: Hammond organist and keyboardist Robert Walter, guitarist/composer/producer Elgin Park (aka Michael Andrews), horn player Karl Denson, bassist Chris Stillwell and drummer Zak Najor.