The core trio of Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan, and Ruu Campbell are royalty on the international trance scene, revered for their mind-bending solo DJ-ing as well as their various offshoot projects, but most of all for the bold, progressive music they make together as Younger Brother.

Vaccine continues Younger Brother’s growth from studio project to full-fledged, organic band, with Posford, Vaughan and Campbell joined by Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits) on bass, Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar and Joe Russo (who also plays in the Grateful Dead spin-off act Furthur) on drums.

Vaccine (2011)

Vaccine is the third album by Younger Brother, in which Simon Posford teams with longtime collaborators Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell.

The album marks a notable evolution from the band’s electronic origins, with such memorable tracks as “Shine,” “Night Lead Me Astray,” “Crystalline” and “Pound A Rhythm” embracing melodic song structures and organic instrumental sounds. The songs incorporate elements of catchy uber-pop, early American folk and blues, and vintage prog-rock, with lyrics that balance pointed humor and weighty philosophical matters, giving the album a level of intimacy and emotion that’s not normally associated with electronic music.