GIVE A KID A KID! The PRESALE and CONTEST for Keller Williams’ new album “Kids” is ON!

Purchase Keller’s new children’s album, Kids (CD or digital download), from the Keller Williams Store by October 25, and you’ll be entered to WIN one of 5 COOL BARNYARD WORTHY PRIZES and get discounted shipping and handling!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a prize package that includes “GIVE A KID A KID”, which is a unique prize in which a goat is donated to a 3rd world family in the winner’s name via Heifer International. The Grand Prize winner will also receive a “BOX OF KIDS” and the “YO-DE-LAY-HE-HOO” family of goat marionettes. Second place is a “Box of kids. Third place is the “Yo-De-Lay-He-Hoo” family of goat marionettes. Fourth place is a “SHEEP IN GOATS CLOTHING” and fifth place wins the “KELLER KIDS PRIZE PACKAGE”.


Click here for details about Keller’s Barnyard of Prizes