Honkytonk Homeslice – “Just Passin’ Thru”

Just Passin’ Thru (available online August 21st) is the sophomore effort from Honkytonk Homeslice.

Bill Nershi, Scott Law and Jilian Nershi – along with the Windy Mountain rhythm section (Keith Moseley and Christian Teele) have come together to create a remarkable collection of all original music. Featuring special guest performances by Darol Anger and Kyle Hollingsworth (SCI), and lyrics by John Perry Barlow, the album has a sonic depth that will pull you in and take you on a musical journey. From Billy’s opening “Love Is Like A Train” through Jilian’s “Birds” to Law’s “Only The End”, the album builds on the band’s first acoustic release. Just Passin Thru’ explores a bigger sound that will surely make you want to open your ears wider and wider.


Check out this preview of “Texas Town”, available for free stream and download through SoundCloud: