NEW Lotus Album + Streaming Track

In Stores & Online September 13, 2011

Check out “Blacklight Sunflare”, from Lotus’ new self-titled album, which drops September 13th via SCI Fidelity Records.

And be sure to head to the SoundCloud player to see the full track list from Lotus as well.

Blacklight Sunflare by lotusvibes


Lotus’s new self-titled album (September 13, 2011/SCI Fidelity Records) moves in a decidedly more electronic direction than their previous two releases – Hammerstrike (2008) and Oil on Glass/Feather on Wood (2009).  Analog synthesizers, manipulated sounds, dub effects and heavy bass are complemented by horn and string arrangements in addition to Lotus’s standard guitar/bass/drums instrumentation.  Grooves move from slinky funk and gritty half-time on the first half of the album to the beautiful and expansive closing track “Orchids”While short pieces of vocals are used throughout, the only song to feature singing is “The Surf”The track may be the closest thing to an indie-pop song the band has released, but the melodic guitar hooks and ecstatic synth parts are pure Lotus.

Similar to their music, the recording process for the album looked in multiple directions in order to achieve a distinct style.  Using traditional recording methods to track live to analog tape and then editing and mixing using modern techniques created an expanded musical space filled with uniquely crafted sounds.  The band road tested and tweaked these tracks for the better part of two years.  The result is an album worthy of the self-titled status – the band’s singular sound and spirit runs through every track.