SCI Live from The Backyard in Austin, TX on DVD, BluRay, & Digital Download!

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.48.30 AMThe String Cheese Incident and TourGigs proudly present the Independence Day run from Austin, TX, now available on DVD, BluRay and Digital Download at TourGigs. For the first time in seven years, The String Cheese Incident returned to Austin for a three night run at the Backyard. Fans old and new showed up for the weekend and the energy was palpable from the get-go. The outdoor venue proved to be a perfect setting for this Incident; beautiful sunsets shone upon the crowd as the first set of each night came to a close.  After the sun had set, the lighting rig dazzled the crowd and the more experimental, electronic side of The String Cheese Incident was unleashed on the ecstatic fans. This run is packed with moments illustrating why The String Cheese Incident has such a dedicated and loyal fan base.

A brief list of highlights from the weekend include the debut cover of the Grateful Dead’s “U.S. Blues” to commemorate the 4th of July and the funky “Rosie” encore that had the entire audience getting down; “Land’s End” with it’s associated jams and “Come As Your Are” with a stand-out improv jam in night two; and “Lost>Rhum N’ Zouc” and the funky Herby Hancock song “Chameleon” effortlessly woven into “Miss Brown’s Teahouse” on the last night of the weekend. Fans were treated to songs old and new, and you can now watch this entire run in multi-cam stunning HD.  From the opening notes of “Lonesome Fiddle Blues” on the 4th to the appropriate “Texas” encore to close out the weekend, this is an Incident you can relive again and again!