SCI Fidelity 2010 Sampler – FREE Download

That’s right … FREE MUSIC!

Check out the latest releases from SCI Fidelity Records on our brand new 2010 Sampler. You’ll get 14 tracks – over 70 minutes of music – from the String Cheese Incident, Umphrey’s McGee, Keller & the Keels, Lotus, EOTO, The New Deal, Emmitt-Nershi Band, 30db and many more!

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(PLEASE NOTE: the zip file containing the SCI Fidelity Sampler is over 150MB, so be patient while it downloads to your computer)

Track Listing

1. Susanah – 30db (From the album One Man Show)
2. On The Road – the String Cheese Incident (From the Trick or Treat box set)
3. Rehab – Keller & the Keels (From the album Thief)
4. New Country Blues – Emmitt-Nershi Band (From the album New Country Blues)
5. Turn & Dub – Umphrey’s McGee (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix) (From the album Mantis)
6. Grayrigg – Lotus (From the EP Oil on Glass/Feather on Wood)
7. Way That It Goes – Kyle Hollingsworth (From the album Then There’s Now)
8. Come Around – The Contribution (From the album Which Way World)
9. One Man Show – 30db (From the album One Man Show)
10. Flying Red – EOTO (From the album Fire the Lazers!!!)
11. Cemetery Walk – Umphrey’s McGee (From the album Mantis)
12. Jam->Deep Sun – the New Deal (From the album Live: Toronto)
13. These Days – Emmitt-Nershi Band (From the album New Country Blues)
14. Unity (Radio Edit) – Ali Baba’s Tahini (From the album Living Room)

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